Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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Mocha Coffee

Dessert & Drinks

Kombucha Salad Dressing

Sauces & Sides

Kombucha Marinated Beets

Sauces & Sides

Energizing Chai Latte

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Chai Latte

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Chia Pudding

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Cantaloupe Smoothie

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Avocado Dip




The Teaser

The new series that will make us travel among the coolest location of Spartan

Morzine (FRA)

Discover one of the most epic races in France!

Verbier (CH)

Have a look ar one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland!

Sparta (GRE)

Welcome to the land where everything has started!




We went around Milan with a Genius lamp...

Women Power

Women: The strongest part of us!


Love Yourself Everyday!

Spartan goes Royal!

In this KleosTV News see how Prince Harry faces a Spartan course!

Parks in Milan - Ep. 2

See how people has changed their sport habits!

Parks in Milan - Ep. 1

How is people adapting their sports habits?



Challenge The Pro

10 to 1 Cluster WOD

Challenge The Pro

No-Hands Burpees

Challenge The Pro

10' Amrap WOD

Challenge The Pro

Resistance Hanging

Challenge The Pro

Compromise Strength WOD

ProTeam Special WOD

With Rachele Ravani - Italy Pro Team